The Infamous Moogle Hack is BACK! (เกี่ยวข้องกับกระทู้ AF โทรม)

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Inspired by the boredom of his daily routine and what he have heard in his local talks, a young monk named Cassiusclay decided to scare the noobs off by taking his life away from beating the crab out to go on a journey. But, this decision was a mistake, he knew it well. He had missed his favorite match "Metalgear Solid" Mule vs. Aggro, his favorite show "Catch Me If You Can" by Newbie and the Ambusher, the concert "I wanna run away" of the Linking Gob, and the famous game "Goblian Bombet," including the popular girl in brownish boots whom he had to wait for hours and race with the others to claim her. He wanted to go back, but he had gone too far. He was now right infront of the place called "XOOPS in MMO." Here was its address:

The people he found here were nothing out of ordinary, but the time here seemed to be so corrupted. The items they were using were something people of the Crystal Era shouldn't be able to produce. Here were some pictures robbed from there.
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