Create your robot, and let it go kick some asses! [-Super Trombe Wars Online-]

I'm sorry if this long long post might disturb you.

I get to know that yesterday , in Thailand , is The Day of Childhood (or something like that :S). I wanted to give you people some gift, my last and only gift, maybe. But due to my duty, I can't do it in time, sorry. And I also realized that, it's not something called "gift" afterall...

Everyone born with a handful of seeds, the seeds of dreams. We have a lot of them when we were in our childhood. But as we grown up, we learned so much fact of the real world and we just let the seeds slipped by from our hands...

In case of me, I have just accidentally found a few of my long lost ones. What did I do? I decided to plant it. and more over, I would like to share them with someone with the same dream.

Super Trombe Wars Online is one of those seeds I mentioned. It's a shamelessly mimic of Super Robot Wars Online (

And what then? Due to our duties, I can't finish it just now. It's the matter of time anyway. But even if I can't do it myselft now, I want some part of it to grow. That's the part of data.

Here you can submit/discuss/edit the stat/skills/posting the image/ of your favorite robots. The data will be actually used in the up coming server.

The robot stat/skill entry system now is -here-

- The system handle no error now. (I have no time for that now X-() So don't bully her with errorneous data such as, 'XXX' for number, please.

- I didn't explain anything about Super Robot Wars Online. I hope someone will explain it if someone new to it has curiousity.

- You might see that the pages have no color and formatting now. Anyone kind enough to help me about that? :-D

- If you want to contribute something, don't be hesitate to post. Some of my friends will contact you. ;-)

Well, this is not a "gift". A gift is a thing someone just "give" an other person. This project is not a thing I give to you as a present. It's that we make it together!

I just hope that there would be some people who whould share this same seed with me....

Finally, we might not see each other for quite a while. but as long as some part of our hearts share the same thing, we will definitely meet again ;-)

ps. Sorry for my poor english. it might confuses you. I usually talk to french people...

ps 2.1. forget Borot. It's lousy! Trombe is great!

ps 2.2. I want to test posting image: Great!

ps3. I'm no any professor, hehe ;-D

always miss you

-- My name is M.P., not Q.M. ;-)