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ยอดโหด แฟนพันธ์แท้ FFXI

คำถามพวกนี้ถูกจัดทำโดย leahym ณ Allakazham ครับ

คำถามที่มาของแต่ละชื่อใน FFXI

To Start, here is an Example:

Question: This mob is taken from Gaelic folklore. It is a female spirit who is said to wail outside the door of someone who is soon to die.

Answer: Banshee

Easy, eh? OK, here's the first round of questions


Question 1) This creature gets its name from the Lewis Carroll poem "Jabberwocky"

Question 2) This mob's is Chinese in origin. In legend it has, one horn, the head of a dragon, body of a deer, mane of a lion, and an oxen's tail. It is known to be very benevolent to those who are pure.

Question 3) Greek Origin. A giant with a thousand eyes, who was transformed into a peacock.

Question 4) <2 part question> Anceint Egyption origin. At death, the body seperates itself into 2 forms:

The first is a bird, human head which represents the soul:

The second form is representative of the body which is left behind in the tomb.

Name the 2 mobs

Question 5) In Norse myth, one of the serpants who attempts to destroy the "World Tree." Known as the "Tearer of corpses."

Question 6) Scandavian Origin. A Giant sea creature with many tentacles sometimes mistaken for islands by unlucky sailors.

Question 7) Dutch origin. A ghost.

Question 8) Native American origin. A huge human like creature, said to live within forests around Quebec.

Question 9) Aboriginal Australian origin. An ape man, similiar to Bigfoot.

Super Hard Bonus Question:

There are two mobs in FFXI named after this demon. It orignates in a treatise on withcraft written by Johann Wier written in 1583, called "De praestigiss daemonum." This demon ofter took the form of a man who knew astrology, herbology, and planets well. Had 26 legions of hell under his command.

1) Turkish origin. Turkish word for vulture.

2) English Origin. A large ghost dog with giant teeth and claws, from around the Yorkshire region.

3) A specific ghost dog thqat haunted Peel Castle in the Isle of Man.

4) German origin. A "snake worm." A dragon, with no legs or feet.

5) Giant bat god of Mayan origin.

6) Siberian origin. Siberian spirit of evil, created from mud. Became lord of the dead.

7) Polish/Slavic origin. An agricultural spirit, helps with harvest.

8) Occult origin. One of the Demons listed in the Goetia. Can take the appearance of a leopard... (which definately explains why his FFXI character model waschosen) ^^


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